New Beginnings Fair is a unique & interactive event for all you budding entrepreneurs / small business owners.

We are excited to visit Melbourne in August 2016 with the fair being a feature of the Victorian Small Business Festival.

Set in a relaxed environment amongst the beautiful surroundings of Laurens Hall, expect an action packed day featuring inspiring speakers, a number of vendors (who can help you start / grow your business), practical workshops, food / drink pop-ups, competitions, giveaways & a whole lot more!


Friday 19 August 2016

Laurens Hall, North Melbourne

• 10am - 8pm


Friday 19 August 2016



Justine Flynn


Justine is co-founder & Director of Brand and People at Thankyou, a social enterprise that exists to fund life-changing water, food, hygiene and sanitation projects.
To date Thankyou has given over $3.7 million to projects across 16 different countries.
Justine is passionate about establishing positive workplace cultures and driving effective marketing and communications activities to engage communities to contribute to social change.


Aaron Smith

The KX Group

Aaron Smith is Founder and CEO of Australia’s first high performance, boutique Fitness Company, KX Group.

Since opening the first KX Pilates studio in Malvern, VIC in 2010, Smith quickly expanded operation with a mix of wholly-owned, part-owned and franchised studios. Recognising the need for diversity and innovation, Smith launched KX International Retreats in 2012, followed by KX Yoga and KX Barre, in 2013. The company is now known as the KX Group and can be found at 17 different locations across Victoria and Sydney.

In 2014 Smith was named as an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist at the Australian Startup Awards and Owner Manager of the Year Finalist (VIC) at the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards.


Susannah George

The Urban List

Susannah is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur, with a passion for fine food and design. She honed her digital marketing skills in Paris and Los Angeles, before returning to Australia to explore her entrepreneurial dream.

She founded The Urban List in late 2011, establishing one of Australia’s fastest growing and most influential lifestyle platforms – a curated source of tips and trends introducing 1.6 million influencers to top tier restaurants, retailers and brands.


Michael Ellis


Michael is the Head of Culture at Vinomofo, one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies and a leader in innovation, disruption and company culture.
Michael wants to live in a world where companies enable and empower people to express their unique talents, strengths. He believes companies and workplaces have an opportunity and responsibility to create a better world.
An ex-family business owner, expedition leader, teacher, wine writer and educator, personal development coach, and currently Head of Culture at Vinomofo, Michael is committed to helping companies bring out the best in people and generating outstanding customer experiences.



Instagram Story Telling

We are biologically hired wired for connection. Sharing our stories is how we tap into our voice, attract the right kind of customers and grow our tribes. And yet it can feel risky, exposing and intimidating. In this masterclass, we dig into how to overcome the resistance to putting ourselves out there online, and to tell our stories using both words and pictures on Instagram. You will walk away with the foundations of your personal brand, guidelines for creating your visual voice and insights to find your kin.


11:30am & 12:30pm

PR Workshop

General Assembly 

In this workshop you’ll learn the best methods for generating your own PR - And the secret is, once you get the first few pickups then the journalists really will start knocking!
This class is ideal for startup founders, small business owners, and other lean marketing & comms teams looking to gain media exposure without the cost of hiring a PR agency.

2:30pm & 3:30pm

Legal Workshop

Clearpoint Counsel

This workshop will discuss different concepts of legal that you'll need to consider when starting or growing a business in Australia including:
- Personality including corporate structures and governance documents;
- Relationships including agreements with customers/clients, suppliers, staff and regulators;
- Value including asset protection, intellectual property registration, insurance and investment

5:30pm & 6:30pm

Social Media Workshop

The brands who are winning new customers and social interactions are creating content to delight their audience. This course showcases some of the internet’s best original content creators while examining how new, cutting edge content concepts are bucking the trend when it comes to social media content creation.

This course will push your creative boundaries to let you develop new content to create meaningful and long term connections with your audience.